We are committed to bringing peace and wellness to our community one person at a time.

We look at our Float Free locations as a beautiful escape from the outside world. As soon as someone enters one of our Float Free locations the experience begins at that moment.

From the warm, familiar welcome they receive as soon as they enter, to the easy check-in for members to walk right into their float room.

The Quiet Room is a way – whether before or after your float, to make the most of the experience and get some down time away from the constant pressures and never ending task lists of our lives.

Too many times we make everything else a priority and then our body and our mind pays the price. This is our job at Float Free – to make sure our clients make themselves and their well being a priority.

The benefits of floating continue to compound overtime, whether it’s reaching greater levels of meditation, creativity, pain management or stress relief… Ideally clients should float once a week to stay centered and recharge both their mind and body with down time.

We are always looking for amazing people to join the Float Free family. If you are passionate about health and wellness, making a difference in people’s lives one person at a time, and want to grow with a company long term – we would love to meet you.

Our plan is to bring the joy and benefits of floating to as many people as possible throughout Southern California, so we will be opening new locations quickly.