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Why Become A Member ?

We tend to put everything and everyone else first in our lives – career, family, workout, and then when our body can’t take it anymore – we can feel it – and it feels like we’ve done some significant damage.

Whether you’ve come to Float Free for Pain Management, Stress Relief, Meditation, or just an escape from the crazy in our world – we’re here to make your time at Float Free your favorite time of the day.

As a member – we invite you to drop in to Float Free and we literally take care of everything for you. Schedule your float session easily and check in via your Float Free app with no waiting.

Indulge in either one 60 minute session or really take advantage of your membership with back to back appointments for a 120 minute float session.

Don’t race back to your to do list, spend some time in our Quiet Room with a cup of tea to make the most of your Float Free session.

Choose your own membership level based on what’s right for you – whether you’re looking to float once a month, every other week, or even a few times each week. Feel free to upgrade or downsize your membership based on your needs.

Your floats are shareable, they roll over every month, and they don’t expire.

Your Float Free membership is the best gift you can give to yourself and others.

So what are you waiting for…?

Float Free…